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March 03, 2005



Whenever I see Paris clutching her dog I wonder who actually cares for the poor critter. But the photo of her with a baby owl perched on her shoulder like a pashmina scarf is the one that really chapped my arse.


i feel that your comments on dog as handbags are well out of order for most stars they love there pets as though they were there children i love the way stars look after there pets and i feel that in some way your bitter that they have the money and you don`t well get off your ass and earn it i`m unemployed and struggling to find a job but they worked to get there so grow up and get a life


Punctuation and spelling is important in getting a job. As is reading the post because if you had you'd notice that I quoted E-Online and didn't include any of my own commentary. Perhaps you shouldn't pre-judge someone's situation based on a dumb post about a dog as handbag.

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